Our Approach: how we review crypto casinos

The crypto gambling industry is steadily growing and our aim is to contribute to its development by providing the most thorough and honest information about the best crypto casinos.

For regular players, in order to find out if the casino is good, it is enough to just play there. In order to really evaluate the casino and to produce a review that will be comprehensive both for novice and experienced gamblers, it is important to take into account every detail.

Thus, here are the main factors we consider when selecting the best crypto casinos:

1. Sign up process

First of all, we evaluate the complexity of the sign-up process and the amount of information it requires from a player. In this case, the less the better, so some websites, in addition to casual “email and password” form, have functionality that allows users to sign in using their social accounts. Moreover, there are crypto casinos that do not require registration at all.

2. Interface

In the digital age, an attractive and user-friendly interface is a must for every online casino which positions itself seriously, since a poorly designed website does not inspire confidence. We consider not only the visual aspect but also user experience (UX), which includes the usability of a website from any type of device.

3. Gambling license

Anyone can make a crypto casino, but in order to work legally, it should have a valid license. In addition to the higher trust from users, a license also obliges the casino to operate in accordance with certain requirements, in case of violation of which, you can file a complaint with the authority that issued the license.

4. Deposit process

The main factors we take into account evaluating the process of depositing in each casino are the number of coins available for deposit and how many confirmations are required for the deposit to become available (for example, in the case of Bitcoin, one network confirmation is a gold standard among crypto casinos). We always deposit our own funds.

5. First deposit bonus

Among players, the first deposit bonus is the most popular and desirable type of promotion as it may bring the luckiest ones additional profit. Therefore, we claim the bonus and inspect it from different angles: the size of the bonus, its wager requirement, maximum possible profit from the free spins, minimum deposit amount eligible for the bonus, and the ease of tracking its progress. Though, not every crypto casino offers the first deposit bonus, which is a dealbreaker for some gamblers.

6. Games

Not only the amount of games the casino offers does matter, but also their quality: there are crypto gambling websites that have just a few custom-made games, but it brings players a unique experience and this is what gamblers often seek. We personally test each type of game the casino has by playing from both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we always check if the games meet one of the two mandatory requirements: either provided by licensed developers or designed using the “provably fair” algorithm.

7. Perks and promotions

Almost all online casinos use tempting offers to attract players or to make them stay. These can include deposit bonuses, cashback, loyalty programs of any kind, etc. Our task is to find out whether the offer is worth attention or not, since some bonuses may look promising, but hiding unreasonable terms for obtaining it.

8. Casino’s support

No matter how smoothly a crypto casino works, there will always be users who have some issues whether it is a technical problem or an organizational moment. For such cases, every self-respecting crypto gambling website must have a professional support system, which can provide customers with any kind of help in a quick manner and by multiple means of communication (live chat, email, etc.). Sometimes, in order to really put the support to the test, we may behave quite annoyingly.

9. Withdrawal

When it comes to withdrawing funds, there can be no compromises, as this is the key point of gambling for all casino players - to receive their winnings. Thus, we evaluate how quickly casinos process the withdrawal request and whether any additional difficulties occur at this stage.

10. Community feedback

Of course, we understand that for the most objective conclusion in reviewing crypto casinos, our opinion alone is not enough, no matter how reasoned it may be. This is why one of the key points in our methodology is to examine the feedback from the crypto gambling community on such popular resources as Reddit and Bitcointalk.

As you can see, the whole process is not that complicated but requires keeping many things in mind.