Crypto casino bonuses ultimate guide (2022)

Even in times of stagnation in the cryptocurrency market, the popularity of crypto casinos continues to rise with each passing day. In an effort to increase their popularity and keep up with the competition, many of these gambling platforms offer promotions. The form of these promotions may vary, but they all provide some extra value for the players in one way or another.

Regardless of how tempting most of the bonuses may look at first glance, they usually have some pitfalls that gamblers, in pursuit of profits, may not pay attention to. In this honest guide we will uncover all the surprises that you may encounter while chasing casino promotions, as well as provide a list with the best crypto casino bonuses in the industry.

Top 3 crypto casino bonuses

For those who know exactly what they came for and ready to start wagering right away, we picked three ultimate bonus offers of different types.

  • First deposit:

    100% and
    20 free spins
    • Only x35 wager
  • Cashback:

    45% total
    • No wager!
    • 15% each of the first three deposits
  • Loyalty program:

    10 VIP levels
    • Daily, weekly and monthly no-wager rewards

How casino bonuses work and where to find them

First of all, it should be understood that casino bonuses mainly serve two purposes - to attract new players to the casino and retain current ones.

Nonetheless, it does not mean all the bonuses that crypto casinos offer are scam and there is no way of taking advantage of them. There is still a certain percentage of players who manage to benefit from casino promotions, but in order to have a better chance of profiting from bonuses, it is advised to carefully read their terms and conditions before claiming them.

Casinos know that in order to attract as many players as possible and make them stay engaged for as long as possible, all customers should be offered different bonuses that will suit the specific needs of each. Thus, whether it is a novice player who is looking for a new experience or a highroller who wants to be treated like a king - the best crypto casinos have something to offer everyone.

First deposit bonus (welcome offer)

If there is one most coveted bonus among crypto gamblers, it is definitely the first deposit bonus, also known as the welcome offer. This is easily explained by the fact that the first deposit bonus often promises the highest return for new players and can only be claimed once per casino.

The reward usually comes in the form of an additional percentage added to the deposit amount. For example, if a casino offers a 100% welcome bonus and you deposit 1 BTC, you get your first crypto deposit doubled to 2 BTC. In addition to the deposit boost, some Bitcoin casinos also give free spins.

It is not difficult to guess that such generous offers always come along with a number of conditions that some players usually do not pay attention to. And the more generous the bonus is - the higher the requirements for receiving it.

Though, hard is not impossible and some players get lucky enough to really double their deposit just by leveraging the bonus.

We have compiled a list of crypto casinos offering first deposit bonuses with the best conditions:

  • Bspin bonus:

    • x35 wager - one of the lowest in the industry
    • up to 1 BTC
    • valid for 30 days
  • 7bit bonus:

    • x40 wager
    • 0.001 BTC minimum eligible deposit up to 1.5 BTC
    • no limit for bonus win amount, 0.005 BTC max for free spins
    • valid for 14 days
  • mBit bonus:

    • x40 wager
    • up to 1 BTC
    • 0.02 BTC minimum eligible deposit
    • valid for 7 days
  • Fairspin bonus:

    • x60 wager
    • $500 minimum eligible deposit
    • up to $100k
    • valid for 3 days


Cashback is a perfect way to make players return to the game after they lost their deposit.

However, despite being an effective marketing tool, it also gives you a real chance to recover the loss. Some lucky players even manage to make money on it beyond what was originally lost. Some Bitcoin casinos even offer cashback with no wagering requirement attached, so it can be withdrawn to a personal wallet right away.

Here are several crypto casinos with the most lucrative cashback:

  • JustBit cashback:

    • cashback is available for the first 3 deposits
    • no wagering requirement
    • no maximum or minimum bet
    • no limit on winning using cashback
    • valid for 3 days
  • TrueFlip cashback:

    • no wagering requirement
    • credited every Thursday
    • based on the total loss during the 7-day period
    • VIP players receive special cashback
  • BitcoinGames cashback:

    • VIP and regular cashback - 25% and 15% accordingly
    • minimum eligible deposit is $2000 for VIP and $50 for regular cashback
    • can be credited during 14 days from the deposit
    • no wagering requirement
  • Bspin cashback:

    • cashback amount corresponds to the Bitcoin price increase over the week
    • given to every player with loyalty rank 5 or higher
    • no wagering requirement

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is similar to the first deposit bonus, but can be applied to any deposit at the discretion of the casino and is often less generous. It also has a number of conditions for obtaining it, including the wagering requirement and a maximum win amount.

Some crypto casinos may have several reload promotions, so if you play regularly using bonuses, there is a higher chance to benefit from it in the long run.

Below are the best crypto casinos for real reload bonus hunters:

  • mBit reload:

    • 15% bonus or 35 free spins for depositing at least 0.003 BTC
    • 35% bonus or 150 free spins for depositing at least 0.011 BTC
    • can be claimed once a day
    • bonus funds valid for 24 hours
    • x40 wager
  • Bspin reload:

    • 2nd and 3rd deposits reload
    • 50%/75% bonus and 20 free spins
    • up to 1 BTC
    • x35 wager
  • Fairspin reload:

    • 2-4 deposits reload
    • depends on the deposit amount
    • x60 wager

VIP & Loyalty program

A loyalty program, also referred to as a VIP club on some platforms, is the way crypto casinos reward and encourage loyal customers. Thus, loyalty program bonuses are not meant for all players but for those who are committed and consistent on a particular platform.

The rewards within the loyalty system are distributed by levels, with different perks attached to each stage. The higher you go, the more perks available and the more valuable they are. Most Bitcoin casinos automatically enroll all their players in the platform's VIP program, so no additional actions or codes are required other than playing to start climbing the loyalty ladder.

In some cases, a casino manager may contact a player personally to present an award if there is no explicit loyalty system or if the customer performs very well in terms of wagering. It is also a common practice with highrollers since they are obviously the most valuable players for any casino.

Among the rewards and perks you can expect from a loyalty program in crypto casinos are increased cashback, cash rewards, free spins, personal manager, and more. Thus, active participation in the loyalty system in the long run may bring much more benefits than chasing a first deposit bonus. We will make a more detailed comparison later in the article.

And here are crypto casinos with outstanding loyalty program:

  • Stake VIP club:

    • every level up gives a cash reward
    • daily, weekly and monthly bonuses
    • rakeback for all levels
    • reload bonuses for Platinum I and higher
  • BC.Game VIP club:

    • 20% rakeback for level 14 and higher
    • regular cash rewards
    • more than 100 levels divided by stages
    • 14 Secret Treasure rewards of the highest value
  • Bspin VIP club:

    • every level up gives a cash reward
    • unlocks additional cashback from 1% to 20%
    • instant withdrawal feature from level 7 and higher
  • JustBit VIP club:

    • every level up gives a cash reward
    • custom VIP Legend level rewards up to $100,000!
    • rakeback for all levels
  • mBit VIP club:

    • free spins and cash rewards for every level up
    • additional cashback and reload bonuses
  • DuckDice VIP club:

    • increased faucet with every level
    • the "Ducks 7th" monthly bonus
    • rakeback every 15 minutes
    • weekly "Hot Friday" bonus

Free crypto faucet

Back in the days when crypto casinos just started to emerge, the free crypto faucet feature was a common practice on those platforms. It was an effective way to introduce crypto gambling to potential players without spending a lot of money, as the amount of crypto given away through the faucet was negligible considering the price of Bitcoin at the time.

Of course, players could not immediately withdraw the coins received from the faucet because the amount was much less than the minimum cashout limit. It was made to prevent gamblers from abusing the faucet.

However, some lucky ones managed to win the amount needed for withdrawal using only the funds received from the faucet.

Most gambling websites have gotten rid of that feature, but there are still a few crypto casinos with free faucet:

  • Bspin faucet:

    • unique "Backpocket" system
    • 30 satoshi to claim every 20 minutes
    • 20 no deposit free spins a day!
  • DuckDice faucet:

    • 5 levels of faucet
    • the faucet can be used up to 55 times a day
    • funds earned from the faucet can be withdrawn
We receive a commission under the affiliate programs of the casinos in our list in order to compensate the effort needed for testing new casinos and creating high-quality crypto gambling content. Though, we dare to assure you that this kind of cooperation will not run counter to the interest of our visitors and our main goal - to make crypto gambling better.

Requirements behind crypto casino bonuses

As already mentioned above, if a casino offers a bonus that at first glance looks extremely attractive, there is definitely a list of conditions behind it. This mostly applies to all types of deposit bonuses, but also often goes with cashback and free spins.

To be clear, bonus funds are immediately available for play upon claim and can be seen in the bonus balance, but the terms are applied for its withdrawal.

Online gambling regulators state that bonuses and promotions must be advertised in a comprehensive and transparent manner. Despite this, some casinos do not show the terms of bonuses explicitly. In order not to become a victim of your own expectations, it is recommended to know what bonus conditions exist and check them carefully before chasing any promotion.

Wagering requirement (rollover)

The wagering requirement, also known as rollover, is the most challenging part of casino promotions.

As the term implies, you must wager a certain amount of bonus money to make it available for withdrawal. The amount usually equals to the deposit sum multiplied by some number, which varies from site to site. Some crypto casinos may have a relatively low wager of x30, while others have it as high as x60.

So, for example, if you claim a deposit bonus of 0.1 BTC and the rollover is x30, you must place bets on the total amount of 3 BTC. Keep in mind that both losing and winning bets count towards the wagering requirement.

Game contribution

Not all games will contribute to the wagering requirement equally. Slot games typically contribute 100%, while placing bets in other games count for less. Table games such as roulette and blackjack often provide smaller contribution of around 20-30% and live dealer games even less at 10-20%.

Thus, it is more reasonable to fulfill the rollover playing slot games. Fortunately, there a lot of crypto slots available in Bitcoin casinos.

Useful tip: using slots with low volatility may have a slightly higher chance of successfully completing the wagering requirement because they are less likely to cause significant drawdowns of the balance.

Bonus validity period

The timeframe in which the rollover must be completed is limited.

Most crypto casinos give players up to 30 days for the wagering requirement fulfillment. If it is not completed within the specified time, bonus funds will be forfeited.

Bet and withdrawal limits

The amount of winnings received when using bonus funds is limited. This limitation is often indicated in the promotion itself.

For example, if the offer looks like “100% up to 1 BTC” then depositing 2 BTC will bring you a maximum of 1 BTC extra, after all the bonus requirements are completed.

In addition, some casinos restrict the amount of a single bet that can be placed in the process of wagering of bonus funds. It can be either a plain number or a percentage of the deposit.

Loyalty program versus all other bonuses

Due to the unfavorable conditions and limitations attached to many promotions, they are not suitable for gamblers in the long term. Most experienced gamblers prefer focusing on bonuses attached to VIP and loyalty programs in place of common offers.

This can be explained by two main reasons:

  • The total value of rewards within a good loyalty program outweighs any deposit bonus, reload or cashback.
  • Rewards attached to VIP or loyalty programs usually come with much more reasonable conditions or may even have none of them. Thus, aside from regular cash rewards, within the loyalty system players can receive such bonuses as free spins or cashback with no wagering requirements.

In addition, playing with bonus funds received from the welcome offer does not bring loyalty points.

Of course, for those who gamble occasionally, usual deposit bonuses may be exactly what they are looking for. But if you gamble at least once a week or even more often, sticking to one or two crypto casinos with a good loyalty program might be more profitable than jumping from website to website in pursuit of a hard-to-reach welcome bonus.


Casino bonuses are not free money. Rather, it is a way crypto casinos attract and retain players in exchange for giving them the opportunity to make additional profits.

Despite the nasty conditions behind most casino promotions, everyone has a real chance to take advantage of them if read the description carefully.

In this extensive guide we have explained what to look for in the terms and conditions, what types of bonuses exist and listed the best crypto casinos with bonuses.

Please keep in mind that crypto gambling is a risky type of leisure that may lead to gambling addiction and unwanted financial loss. Check out our Responsible Gambling Guide for more information.